Jane’s Story

Jane is a resident at Streets2Homes. Jane is a Mum and has been a resident at the cottages in Harlow for three months. After tragically suffering the loss of her youngest child, six months ago, she became homeless. She took the time to tell us what life is like

Sheona’s Story

Sheona is a resident at Streets2Homes. Being a Harlow-based charity, Streets2Homes helps Harlow’s homeless.  However, sometimes people, that are not originally from Harlow, become homeless here. Sheona came from Ireland and was sleeping rough on the streets of Harlow.  She took the time to tell us her story. Download

Neil’s Story

Neil is a resident at Streets2Homes. Sometimes childhood trauma can create phycological issues that make it difficult to function as a part of society.  Dean had a difficult childhood that meant he isolated himself from family and help. He took the time to tell us his story. Download Neil’s

Dean’s Story

Dean is a resident at Streets2 Homes. It goes without saying that not all homeless people are addicts, but on occasions, Streets2Homes works with those that are recovering from addictions. Dean is a recovering drug addict.  Now six months’ clean, he took the time to tell us his story.

Ali’s Story

Ali is a resident at Streets2Homes. As a migrant from Somalia, 24 year old Ali came to England with his Mother.  When she passed away, he was forced to ‘sofa surf’ (sleep on the sofa) at a family friend’s house, whilst he pursued his dream of becoming an aerospace

Alice’s Story

Alice is a Critical Time Intervention Worker at Streets2Homes in Harlow. She began as a volunteer for the charity when she was just 14 years old. She took the time to tell us what she enjoys most about her work with Harlow’s homeless. Download Alice’s story as a pdf

Sheila’s Story

Sheila is a volunteer at Streets2Homes. Volunteers are an integral part of Streets2Homes. Being a volunteer is extremely rewarding. Sheila has been volunteering since 2015. She took the time to tell us about her voluntary work at Streets2Homes. Download Sheila’s story as a pdf here. What do you do

Kerrie’s Story

Kerrie Eastman – Chief Executive Officer Kerrie has been CEO at Streets2Homes since 2010. Passionate about making a difference, Kerrie is dedicated to offering a holistic service to Harlow’s homeless. One of Kerrie’s key objectives is to increase the amount of corporate support that the charity receives. She took

James’ Story

James Bassent is Co-owner and Design Director at Astro Lighting Award-winning Astro Lighting has donated to Streets2Homes since 2016. Choosing a homeless charity to support has resulted in a mutually beneficial relationship for both the company and the charity. Co-founder, James Bassant took the time to tell us about