Neil is a resident at Streets2Homes.

Sometimes childhood trauma can create phycological issues that make it difficult to function as a part of society.  Dean had a difficult childhood that meant he isolated himself from family and help.

He took the time to tell us his story.

Download Neil’s story as a pdf here.

I’ve been a resident here for 6 weeks.  I had been living in Church Langley in Harlow and lost my home when I couldn’t keep up with the rent.

I used to be a carpenter, but I’d injured my back and couldn’t work.  I spent a lot of time isolating myself – hiding away.  When I couldn’t keep up with the rent, I got evicted and became homeless. 

I never had a stable upbringing and from the age of 14 I lived alone.  I had childhood trauma.  I got involved with the wrong people when I was younger and got into trouble.  This had a negative effect on my life until I decided to get myself together and start a business.  To cut a long story short, I moved abroad, opened a shop which did well, and life was looking rosy.  One day, the road outside the shop was dug up and I lost virtually all my customers overnight.  That was the start of big problems.  I lost all the money I had invested in the business.  Because I was a non-resident of that country, there was no financial help available to me and I had no choice, but to move back to England.   I found myself a place to live, but the rent was expensive, and I struggled financially.  I was on my own and slowly started getting into debt and some more trouble, then I injured my back.

No – I isolated myself from my family because I was embarrassed.  They could not help me because they didn’t know what I was going through.   I ended up losing my home

and became homeless before I found Streets2Homes.  Now I’m no longer isolated.  Being here, around people with problems like me, has been invaluable to help me learn to cope.  In fact, I’ve got people around me all the time – it’s like they are my family now. 

The staff are really helpful and supportive – they can help you deal with bills, doctors, appointments and other things.  I wouldn’t be in a good frame of mind without this place.  At the moment, the staff help me on a day-to-day basis – taking each day as it comes.  I wouldn’t have gone to a doctor or a counsellor for help, as I thought that’s not what men are supposed to do.  However, the support workers give me a gentle push and I’m so grateful for that.